Have questions? We’ve got answers.



Have questions? We've got answers.

How do I join Boutiques Connection?
  1. Click the registration link
  2. Fill out the application
  3. Submit the requested documents

Then, we will review and verify your boutique.

Your boutique must have a Business License/Seller’s Permit/Sales Tax ID, 3 recent invoices marked paid by wholesale vendors, and 3-5 pictures of your storefront and/or established website. 

There are no fees for boutique owners.

Why do you have to verify my store?

Boutiques Connection is not open to the general public.  Verification provides vendors protection of their wholesale pricing and ensures payment for handmade items will be received. It also ensures that all merchandise is purchased by wholesale buyers for resale.

When will you approve my registration?

Please allow 72 hours for review after your registration application is complete.

When is my Credit Card Charged?

Your credit card will be charged 50% upon placing your order.  The remaining 50% plus shipping fees will be charged when the order is ready and the maker enters a tracking number into our system.

How can I change or cancel an order?

Orders can only be canceled or changed within 24 hours of placement. After 24 hours, you can’t cancel or void. Call Boutiques Connection to cancel your order immediately to avoid any charge that may occur for order processing. Shipping and handling costs are non-refundable. Refused or returned packages are subject to any restocking fees or penalties that a maker may require.

When will my order ship?

Each vendor page will provide information regarding shipping timelines.  Each vendor is different and will update you if they are running behind.

What if the vendor is not completing my order in a timely manner as stated on their vendor page?

If a maker is running behind and will not be able to complete an order in the time period provided on their vendor page, the vendor must provide updates to the buyer regarding the delay and expected delivery.

Boutiques Connection will provide a complaints page for buyers to file complaints against vendors.  Complaints such as late shipping and quality. Vendors will be made aware of the complaints, after 3 verified complaints the vendor will be removed from Boutiques Connection.

What if an order is placed and the maker does not deliver the items?

If you place an order and the maker does not provide the items you have paid for, we will contact the maker directly and explain that the product was not received by the boutique. The maker will either need to complete and ship the order in a timely manner or refund the order plus associated fees for the undelivered items. Additionally, a complaint will be submitted on their maker account. We strongly encourage makers and boutiques to resolve the issue. Boutiques Connection only provides the platform for boutiques and makers to come together. Boutiques Connection does not represent, endorse, or provide any warranty or guarantee of any products listed by makers. Boutiques Connection is not responsible for the actions of makers or boutiques.

Can I return/exchange my purchased product?

Return/exchange policy varies per maker. In general, all purchases are final. There will be no return or exchange accepted.

I received a damaged or defective product; can I return them for a refund?

Some brands may accept returns if the product is damaged or defecteive, however; return policy varies for each maker. Makers can be reached via Boutiques Connection inquiries to that maker to keep your order and payment information safe and secure. Boutiques Connection cannot assist you with communication outside our system, so we strongly suggest using the inquiry capabilities of the Boutiques Connection dashboard. 

How safe is my information?

Privacy and the security of your personal information is one of our largest concerns. Our servers and networks are protected by the latest security systems and firewalls are always in place to safeguard your personal, confidential information. Additionally, we use Stripe as a payment processor. Stripe is one of the leaders in credit card processing and security.

Additionally, we will not sell or provide your email or contact information to other companies for promotion. Our member contact information is not for sale.



Have questions? We've got answers.

How do I join Boutiques Connection?

Makers must provide contact information, a description of their products, images of example products, and their business license.

Once approved, we will need your logo and images you would like to represent your brand (1-2) to get your maker page set up. Then, we are here to help you get set up! We can either answer questions as you have them as you add your products or (for a small fee) set up all of your products for you.

What are the fees?
  • Monthly membership fee based on number of products you intend to list
  • 7% commission on sales
  • Credit card fees
How will Boutiques Connection benefit my business?

Wholesale makers are quickly adapting to the online shopping trend.  Makers attending current live markets have expressed the need for other avenues to market their products that do not require them to be away from their shops.  Reduced attendance at traditional markets and trade shows, high cost of setting up, and high cost of travel to and from are making traditional markets a thing of the past. Many high quality makers simply cannot justify the cost of setting up at traditional markets or trade shows.  We want to fill a need for the small to mid-sized makers, and offer a new online wholesale platform.

Through our professional marketing programs, we will provide exposure to thousands of new stores across the country helping you to expand into new regions and reach new customers daily.

All boutiques will be well vetted, which frees up your time and let you focus on designing and producing.  Let us find quality new customers to expand your business!

We collect payment from your buyers and remit payment to you, making it a hassle-free selling experience for the maker.

When will I receive payment for the products I provide?

When a boutique places an order on Boutiques Connection, their credit card will be charged 50% of the total due. Makers will be paid their portion (less fees and commissions) every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. Once the product is ready and you provide tracking number via your Boutiques Connection dashboard, the buyers credit card will be automatically charged the remaining 50% plus shipping. Makers will receive final payment (less commissions and fees) every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month.

What if I get busy and do not want new orders for a certain period of time?

Vacation mode! We have set up a way for you to temporarily suspend orders so you can manage your time appropriately.

What happens if someone copies my design?

Boutiques Connection strongly discourages the copying of designs or products in any way. As a maker please contact Boutiques Connection with legal proof that a design has been copied and we will immediately remove the maker in violation of copyright laws.
Legal proof must be provided; we can not remove a maker without it. As a maker it is your responsibility to provide this proof.