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Boutiques Connection works to better connect makers and designers with boutiques through an online networking and shopping experience allowing both to make connections that may not otherwise have been made. We work to strengthen small businesses by providing greater opportunities for both makers and boutiques.

It is our passion to support small businesses and their individuality. We have deep appreciation for handmade and original designs that fit all walks of life. Boutiques Connection will continually work to expand makers’ reach through specialized advertising to consistently grow the makers’ businesses and reach to new retailers.


Put your products in hands that matter

Boutiques Connection is designed to expand your business into new regions and customers. As a maker you do not have the time to handle everything, we get that! Let us handle marketing your wholesale products to new customers across the country. Boutiques Connection allows you to concentrate on what you do best while we promote you.


Why sell with Boutiques Connection?

You will find items available on Boutiques Connection that you have never had access to before. We like to specialize in helping new companies break into the wholesale marketplace. There are so many talented designers across the country and we love helping them develop their wholesale business.


We want to know you, and your business

At Boutiques Connection we want to know you and your products; many of you we already call friends. When working with small to mid-sized makers, we know we are working to support families, moms and dads, communities, and individuals. We highlight the originality of each company and the hard work you put into each item you make. We want your customers to know you and what makes the products they are buying so unique.


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membership levels

THROUGH 6-1-2021!

Unlimited Products

$ 9 99 Monthly
  • Plus Processing Fees
  • 7% of sales



1-30 Products

$ 9 99 Monthly
  • Plus Processing Fees
  • 7% of sales


31-99 Products

$ 29 99 Monthly
  • Plus Processing Fees
  • 7% of sales


100+ Products

$ 59 99 Monthly
  • Plus Processing Fees
  • 7% of sales


Have questions? We've got answers.

Please just click the link below to register as a Maker with Boutiques Connection.

We will need your business license or DBA, product samples, and contact information. You will be ask to go through a simple application process and submission of information for approval. Once we receive everything we will look over it and get back with you within 72 hours regarding approval.

The future of the wholesale maker is changing and that future is online.  Makers attending current markets, are expressing the need for other avenues to market their products.  Reduced attendance at traditional markets and trade shows, high cost of setting up, and high cost of travel to and from are making traditional markets a thing of the past. Many high quality smaller makers, simply cannot justify the cost of setting up at a traditional market or trade show.   We want to fill a need for the small to mid-sized producers of boutique merchandise, and offer a new wholesale platform.

Through our professional  marketing programs we will provide exposure to thousands of new stores across the country, helping you to expand into new regions and reach new customers daily.

All boutiques will be well vetted, which frees up your time to keep designing and producing.  Let us find quality new customers to expand your business.

We collect payment from your buyers and remit payment to you, making it a hassle-free selling experience for the maker.

Boutiques Connection specializes in the Western Industry. We chose to specialize, because it’s what we know. With backgrounds in the Western industry, we felt we could better represent you by selling what we know and love.

We are the only specialized Wholesale Marketplace rooted in the Western Industry.

Minimal Monthly membership fee based on number of products. These fees Cover website upkeep and advertising to bring boutique owners to site.  Monthly membership fees are listed on the Makers Page.

Commission on Sales of 7% – Below Industry Average for sales commission

We specialize in small to mid-size makers, and we understand that means lots of family businesses. We have built in a way to make your page temporarily inactive, during vacation, family time, or busy Seasons of the year. We can even help you put up a personal message stating when you will be returning.

Boutiques Connection strongly discourages the copying of designs or products in any way. As a maker please contact Boutiques Connection with legal proof that a design has been copied and we will immediately remove the maker in violation of copyright laws. You must provide legal proof. We can not remove someone without legal proof. As a maker, it is your responsibility to provide this proof.

When a buyer completes and order on Boutiques Connection, their credit card is charged 100% of the cost of products. Makers may request a withdrawal from their account at this time.

Once the order is complete Makers will login to their account and enter shipping information and cost. Once this information is entered the boutique is charged the shipping cost and informed the order is on the way.

When making a withdrawal request the Maker will receive payment less commissions incurred by Boutiques Connection.

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